It takes Investment and Philanthropy to make the best future for all of humanity. Especially for children, women, at-risk populations and displaced people.

Investing For Tomorrow Today

When you are working with The Future Foundation together, we will do well for all of humanity.

The Future Foundation is dedicated to the Prevention and Protection of harm, prioritizing children, women, and at-risk populations and displaced people, as well as the Planet, Peace, and Prosperity.

We believe that by fostering curated investment and philanthropy in technology and projects, we will generate a tangible Return on Investment (ROI) while contributing significantly to Social Good and increasing Return on Impact (ROIm).

We are motivated by the conviction that doing well and doing good are interconnected principles. The 5 Ps; Prevention, Protection, Planet, Peace, and Prosperit, serve as our guiding force, shaping our commitment to creating positive impact and sustainable change. We believe this will increase the impact on issues such as human trafficking and human rights.

We embark on this journey with a clear purpose: to contribute to a world where the well-being of individuals and the planet is safeguarded through intentional and impactful initiatives.

The Future Foundation envisions a future where the Prevention and Protection of harm extend compassionately to children, women, at-risk populations, and displaced persons, fostering the well-being of humanity, the planet and peace. Recognizing climate change and global conflicts as driving forces for displacement and human trafficking, we embrace a holistic approach to address these challenges.

We believe in creating self-sustaining prosperity and ‘agency’ for individuals within the lifecycle of safety. Through strategic investment and philanthropy in technology and innovative projects, we aspire to shape a harmonious world where the interconnected forces of Prevention, Protection, Planet, Peace, and Prosperity create sustainable change. Our vision emphasizes the importance of creating self-sustaining prosperity, empowering individuals with agency, and leveraging innovation and technology. We are committed to delivering impactful engagements, exemplified by our ‘Rapid Response for Refugees’ programs, and forging collaborative partnerships as we grow, working collectively towards a future characterized by resilience, compassion, and sustainable prosperity for all.

We are a Public Benefit Corporation which has a philanthropic arm based in the UK and U.S.A. and we operate globally.

We take investments from investors and philanthropists, as well as donations to deliver significant and measurable ROI on your Investment AND ROI on the SOCIAL GOOD for humanity.

Curated Investment and Philanthropy

We create the opportunity for investment in projects that not only provide an ROI but importantly one that increases that investments impact. We focus on technology that prevents and protects from harm.

We do this for people and the planet which we believe leads to not only to prosperity but to peace. We prioritize children, women, and at-risk and displaced populations.

Our focus is technology and impact projects in Prevention, Protection, the Planet, Peace, and Prosperity will make significant impressions in these areas.

What we do Differently

We are activists in our investments as we are activists in our impact.

We have learnt that prevention is the best risk mitigation. By providing a format aligned with our experience with Rapid Response teams, we come along side our founders and their teams to help prevent and solve problems, and to scale as needed.

We continue to create innovative project partnerships to increase our impact and our reach, similar to those we do for our Rapid Response for Refugees projects.


During this process we are constantly collecting and collating data on all areas, which we will use to create an AI program to help ascertain the key success factors and use to pass on to those who we interact with to better inform their process.