Human Trafficking In Your Neighborhood

Sr. Ann Oestreich in the Vatican News highlighting the problem that Human Trafficking happens in plain sight.

It happens in plain sight. And in the US, we tell people it happens in every zip code, and we have to learn to see it, and we have to know how to address it in a way that’s safe, both for survivors and those who would be doing the reporting.

Including this stunning statistic ..

More than 70% who migrate to US are trafficked.

In the years we have worked combatting this problem, it is astounding how many people believe that trafficking is a problem in other parts of the world … but not here.

There is an oft quoted data point around car accidents that reminds us that more than 50% of those accidents happen in a 25 mile radius of your home. We are pretty sure that a similar statistic could be pulled out of the data around just now many human trafficking incidents are occurring each day within FIVE miles of you – just in the U.S.A..