Dear Friends, Partners, Supporters and Visionaries

I am thrilled to share a pivotal moment in our journey as we transition from The Stop Child Traffic Foundation and Innovation for Good into a unified force for positive change, The Future Found, now a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to holistic and integrative change through investment and philanthropy.

This transformative shift reflects our commitment to a more holistic and integrative approach in addressing the critical needs of humanity, particularly, children, women, and at-risk populations.

As the founder, it has become evident that our mission extends beyond isolated initiatives. The Future Found marks the evolution of our commitment to making a lasting impact on the world. We recognize the interconnected nature of global challenges and the imperative to address them comprehensively.

We have experienced first-hand the need for this innovative approach — one that has been exacerbated by the geopolitical situation, the increase in conflicts, climate disasters resulting in ever growing displacements of people, and the very real and rapid advances in technology which add to our resolve.

“Our hearts and mission will always align with the prevention and protection of children and people from child and human trafficking and the UNSDGs. We recognized that to be effective we need be innovative. We sincerely believe this approach will result in a greater impact at all levels.”

To this end, we have embraced the holistic and integrative need for the 5 Ps — Prevention and Protection from harm, Planet, Peace, and Prosperity — as the guiding principal sea for our mission.

The incorporation of the 5 Ps Nexus– Prevention and Protection from harm, Planet, Peace, and Prosperity — into the fabric of The Future Found signifies our dedication to a well-rounded strategy. This strategy not only acknowledges the financial landscape but prioritizes it and will help to provide for the broader well-being of communities worldwide.

This integrative and curated approach is crucial for shaping a future where humanity thrives. The focus on children, women, and at-risk populations in our efforts underscores our commitment to leaving no one behind. The Future Found is not just an organization; it’s an activist movement towards a future where compassion, sustainability, and prosperity coexist.

Our transition into a Public Benefit Corporation, The Future Found is a manifestation of our collective vision for a world where compassion meets action, and impact transcends boundaries.

Please continue to join us in this exciting journey. Together, we can build a future that truly embodies the essence of the 5 Ps — a future that is secure, sustainable, harmonious, and prosperous for all, and that really makes a difference, if you are a partner, company, organization or individual we are excited to have you with us.

"We can be heroes, just for one day."

Join us by signing up for our emails and progress reports, we look forward to seeing your hero! With much gratitude and determination,

Jax Harrison | Founder and CEO | The Future Found

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