Team Template

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Jax Harrison
Founder and CEO

John Philpin
Founder and CBO

Russell Rieger

Jax is a passionate advocate standing at the nexus of technology and humanitarianism, dedicated to creating a better future for humanity through impactful technology solutions.

C Suite executive that has added $100s of millions in revenue to the ‘cumulative’ bottom line delivering world-class solutions – from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

Entrepreneur, thought leader, strategist, and senior executive with experience in music, media, branding, tech, marketing, startups, investment and social impact.

Alex Ramos

Mark Mansour

Rebecca Carroll

My passion begins and ends with my clients. In everything I do, I have one question “How does this benefit the client?” and then I apply my 20+ years of experience.

Strategic marketeer who builds and champions brands to drive audience and revenue. From fast-paced startups, to mulit-national corporations I protect and serve the integrity of brand messaging, grounded in competitive analysis and expert market research.